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Whether it’s getting your home on the market or finding the perfect new home for your lifestyle, Janiga Estates provides incredible insight into the Michigan real estate market, pricing, negotiation, and expertise.

In other words, we bring a high level of support to achieve your goals! Call us today to begin a conversation about your current home buying or selling plans.

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Sell Your Home with Janiga Estates

List your property professionally with the help of our Michigan real estate experts to get the maximum sale price possible. First, click the button below to provide some details about your home.

We take the time to learn about your unique situation and act as your advocate throughout the entire process. 

Meet Stephanie Janiga,
Your Southeast Michigan Real Estate Agent

With over 17 years of experience in the Michigan Real Estate Industry, Stephanie Janiga is widely considered to be one of the best Michigan Realtors as she consistently ranks among the top leaders in the real estate industry.  Without a doubt, her ability to identify and empathize with clients makes her unique.

Stephanie is a second generation Realtor with a passion to create a bond with her clients while continuously evolving to provide the best experience to her clients. To learn more about best practices in the housing market, check out the Media Library where she shares her insights.

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Our Mission

Janiga Estates was created to provide a luxury real estate experience to every client, regardless of budget or situation. We love what we do and helping build our communities in Southeast Michigan. 

We’re here for you for more than just a sale; we also value our relationship. We are your realtors for life! Learn more about our expertise and company values by clicking the button below.

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