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How To Sell Your Home For More

How To Sell Your Home For More
Have you ever noticed similar valued homes sell for drastically different prices? A lot of times this is a result of the “perceived value” being higher than the “appraised value.” Once you learn how to increase the perceived value of your home, that also tends to lead to getting more money from the sale of your home. Let us explain.

What is a Home’s Appraised Value

Appraisals are a vital process in any home buying or selling experience. If you are selling a home, an appraisal is done before listing the home and most home buyers choose to have an appraisal done on a property prior to purchasing it. But what is an appraisal? This means they have a professional visit the property and inspect the condition of home to determine the overall value. The appraised value does take into account where the real estate market is at that time as well. For example if there are not a lot of homes up for sale at the time of selling, it would increase the appraisal price because there is less competition. Basically, the appraised value of a property is based on a very black and white set of facts like square footage, size of the lot, age of the home, or quality of fixtures.

What is the Perceived Value of a Home

Perceived value is a lot less concrete to determine. It is based on a customer’s own perception of how desirable the proper is to them, especially when comparing it to a different home for sale. A contractor that comes through to do an appraisal will not take into account whether or not you mopped the floor. But, a potential buyer is likely to find a dirty floor a turn off from the rest of the purchase.

Here are the top 4 things we recommend doing before listing your home to get the most from the sale:

  1. Have a Clean Home If your home is messy during a showing, it can give the wrong message to the buyers. They often believe you would not have been taking care of other important maintenance throughout the home either. Taking the time to deep clean or hiring a service can add on thousands of dollars to the final purchase price.
  2. Stage Your Home Home staging is a matter of rearranging your furnishing to maximize the presentation of your home. This can help make rooms appear bigger or allow the customers to better visualize how they would use the space for their own items. There is an art to room staging and it can be tricky. Our team has a lot of experience with home staging. Feel free to give us a call to lend a hand!
  3. Enhance Your Curb Appeal The exterior of your home is the first thing someone will see when they come to view the property. If the siding is faded or the lawn untidy, they’ve already set an impression of how they feel about the house. Pay close attention that the area around the front door is nice and welcoming.
  4.  Elevate Unaccounted For Spaces Not everything is accounted for in an appraisal, like the square footage of a deck or patio. This is where staging can come in handy. Putting a dining set in an outdoor space is like adding a whole other room to the house that will show the buyers that it is useable (and valuable) space.
Stephanie Janiga explains these concepts in detail in this interview: If you’d like to learn more about how to get the most out of your home sale, contact us for some direction to prepare your property for a showing.

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