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January 2022: A Brand New Year!

January 2022: A Brand New Year!

Can You Believe it’s 2022?!

Even writing the year down seems crazy. We will save you the ‘new year new me’ speech and shift our focus to trying to manifest a year filled with health and happiness. We hope that this year is everything that you wish it to be.


2022…Let’s do this!

There are some really great ways to help set up the year on a positive note. We aren’t asking you to overhaul your entire diet or completely change your workout routine (although if you want to do so, please go ahead by all means!) We’ve put together some really great ways that you can help set yourself up for success this year. They are simple and not overwhelming and they can really work!


Journal for an entire week. Or month. Or even the entire year. Journaling can have a profound impact on our mental health. Have you ever tried a mind dump before? It can be quite liberating to just let the thoughts flow…


Do something that makes you happy every single day. It can be as simple as cuddling your cat or going for a quiet walk. Just do something that makes you smile!


Talk to a friend every single day. Bonus points if you can do it over the phone and not through a text message. Good friendships are so meaningful and we really should treat them as such.


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